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Age in your own home

Nursing homes, residential aged care…. they’re generally not the first thing on the retirement bucket list. If you’ve been thinking... Read more

Australia’s retirement challenge

Australians are experiencing a major societal transformation. We are living longer than ever, and many people look forward to a... Read more

The retirement savings shortfall

While the United States has more millionaires than any other country in the world, Australia has the greatest median wealth... Read more

My home is my castle

Home ownership is a strong part of Australia’s cultural identity, our way of life. That does not change when you... Read more

Getting older, living longer

Australia’s population is ageing and longevity is increasing. In other words, we’re getting older and living longer. In fact, the... Read more

More Australians are retiring with mortgage debt

There are a number of reasons Australians might retire with mortgage debt; medical costs from unexpected illness or injury, divorce,... Read more