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How to live well at home as you age

  Australians prefer to stay in their own home as they age. Can you afford the renovations required?   A... Read more

CPD: The role of the Centrelink PLS in addressing Australia’s retirement funding challenge

  Australia’s retirement income policy has been traditionally framed as having three pillars: superannuation, non-superannuation savings and the Age Pension.... Read more

The good news is you’ll have a longer life, that’s also the bad news

  We’re all living longer. So could you outlive your retirement savings?   If you’re 65 today, there’s a good... Read more

Three ways to release the equity in your home

    Australia’s retirees are being challenged like never before: Nearly 20 percent of those aged 60-64, and 12 percent... Read more

The hidden burden of low interest rates

When interest rates fall, it's generally reported as a good thing. All those homeowners getting a break on their mortgage,... Read more

Will your super be enough?

Part one of the 7.30 Report's series on superannuation reviews the system and considers an important point - will your... Read more

Rethinking home equity and retirement funding

    Australians are experiencing a major societal transformation as the baby boomers, around 5.5 million people born between 1946... Read more

Robert Merton on retirement incomes and Jane Austen

  Nobel laureate Robert Merton is on a global crusade. At the moment, he’s travelling in Asia and Australia for... Read more

Alan Kohler interviews Josh Funder: The Constant Investor

  Alan Kohler on Household Capital and its approach to home equity:   "What’s different about it? Well, it’s a... Read more

Retirees marooned as banks retreat on reverse mortgages

  Retirees are being blocked from accessing the money trapped in their property as banks pull out of the reverse... Read more