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Australian retirees have inadequate access to their savings

    Household Capital, an independent, specialist retirement funding provider, said yesterday that a major issue facing Australian retirees was... Read more

How Australians are faring in saving for retirement

Nearly 5.5 million Australians struggle to meet their future needs in retirement. How do your savings stack up?   The... Read more

Equity release an option for retirement income

  There is an estimated $1 trillion in ‘untapped’ home equity, according to retirement funding provider Household Capital, offering retirees... Read more

Retirement funder partners with ME Bank

  Specialist retirement funding provider Household Capital has partnered with industry super fund-owned ME Bank to establish a $100 million... Read more

$100 million debt facility announced by retirement funding group

  ME Bank and specialist retirement funding provider Household Capital, which launched earlier this year, have announced a partnership to... Read more

Retirement lender unveils $100m home equity funding

    Independent retirement funding provider Household Capital has partnered with ME Bank to establish a $100 million wholesale debt... Read more

Government needs to do more on in-home care

    The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recently focused on aged care in the home. The... Read more

Reverse mortgages in Australia: demand rises as major players exit

Australian financial institution Household Capital has made calls previously for the government to make reforms to its retirement programs. Household... Read more

Multiple mugging survivor turns hand to helping retirees stretch resources

  The idea for Household Capital, which essentially allows retirees to use equity in the family home to fund their... Read more

$900b in home equity could save your retirement

  There is an estimated $900 billion in untapped home equity in Australia, which can now be tapped to help... Read more