23 Sep, 2019

Starts at 60

From Age Pension to super: How early can I retire in Australia?

Older man.jpeg

Decades of hard-work, early mornings and dealing with difficult bosses has no doubt left you dreaming of the day you can embark upon one of life’s greatest adventures – retirement. And, with no official retirement age in Australia, it is possible for you to give up the daily grind for good as early as you like, providing you have all your finances in order.

While no one can force you to retire, most people choose to do so in their mid to late 60s as there are age restrictions on when you can access your superannuation or qualify for the Age Pension – and you won’t be able to set off on that trip of a lifetime or spoil our grandkids if you don’t have enough pennies in the piggy bank.

So, if you are thinking about retiring and would like to do so while you are still young, active and adventurous enough to make the very most of this exciting stage of life, here’s everything you need to know about retiring early in Australia.

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