17 Sep, 2019

Starts at 60

‘Ageing passport’ could keep Aussies out of residential aged care

Senior couple4

An ‘ageing passport’ could be the way to help older Australians stave off a move into a nursing home, according to a new report that looked at radical ideas to fix the troubled aged care system.

The passport could be used like the Blue Book or Red Book given out by some state health authorities for parents to record children’s health treatments, the report, written by well-known consultancy Grant Thornton in partnership with peak body Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), suggested.

CEOs and executives from not-for-profit, for-profit and government aged care providers told Grant Thornton that many people may not need residential aged care at all, or need it only later in life, if there was a formal process of putting older Aussies in touch with information, services and treatments that helped them live independently.

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