25 Sep, 2019

Starts at 60

Forced into retirement? Understanding your rights as an older worker

Senior couple4

Losing your job is tough to deal with at any age, whether you are young and just starting out on your chosen career path, or if you may be nearing retirement and considering what your life might look like once you have taken the leap and embraced the freedom that goes hand in hand with the life stage.

However, regardless of whether retirement is something you see happening in your near future, the prospect of being forced into retirement is a harsh reality than many older Australians are faced with, with some employers choosing to hire younger (and usually cheaper) members of staff.

Despite mature workers having a wealth of experience under their belt, some Australian companies are breaking the law and enforcing ‘age limits’ as part of their hiring and firing process. In fact, a shocking report published by the Australian Human Rights Commission last year revealed that 30 per cent of Aussie companies are not following the law, with two thirds of them admitting they draw the line at employing anyone over the age of 50.

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