Top up your
available savings

Prepare your home
for retirement living

Give to those you love
when they need it most

Boost retirement

Transition to
aged care

How we help

We offer flexible solutions for you to meet your retirement funding needs from a combination of superannuation, the savings in your home and the Age Pension. We believe more Australians can maintain a quality retirement lifestyle and continue to Live Well At Home.

Live Well At Home

Top Up

Top up superannuation
Boost retirement income
Refinance home loan

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Retirement Funding


Planned renovations
Transport and travel

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Give when needed most
First home buyers deposit
Education expenses

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Medical expenses
In-home care
Fund aged care

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Aged Care
In Home Care

What makes us different?

  • We want to help you meet your long term retirement needs.
  • We take a conservative approach, considering the long term.
  • We ensure you access your home equity responsibly and sustainably.
  • We provide a lower rate and more cost effective solution for accessing home equity.
  • We have variable interest rates – you will never be charged exit penalties associated with fixed rates.
  • We provide you with flexible choice – reapply or pay down your loan at any time.
  • We can help you transfer your home equity to long-term assets such as superannuation, home renovations and deposits for first homes.
  • We insist you receive appropriate and independent legal and financial advice to support your decisions.
  • We never want you to spend all your savings now and get caught short later.
  • We want you to discuss your options openly with us, your family and your adviser.
  • We provide guaranteed occupancy and No Negative Equity Guarantee for all customers.

Customer stories

We’d like to clear our current home loan and improve our income.

Tess & Michael

Abbotsford VIC

This is so much better because it focuses on giving us a long-term income.

Shelley & Alex

Norwood SA

We worry about how to fund our aged care. I can see this is really good for the person moving and for the person staying at home.


Killara NSW

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