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Live Well At Home

Australia's retirement challenge

Living longer

Australian retirees are living long, active lives and spending more time living independently at home.

Superannuation shortage

Too often, retired Australians’ superannuation savings fall short of being able to provide a comfortable retirement.

Home equity surplus

For many retirees, most of their lifetime savings are tied up in the family home, unavailable to fund an adequate lifestyle.

Now your home can be both the best place to live and the right way to fund your own retirement. If you’re wondering how you can best use a Household Loan to improve your retirement, watch our video – real people, real stories.

Rethinking retirement

Household Capital helps you combine your superannuation, pension and home equity to provide retirement funding to help you Live Well At Home. To learn how we could help you fund a comfortable retirement from your own savings, step through our educational module.

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Rethinking Retirement Learning Module

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Retirees Advisers

“We worry about running out of money in retirement.  But I’ve always realised there is wealth in the home.  We’ve always worked for the long-term.  This is a long-term approach.”

Sue & Peter

Sydney NSW

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