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We are passionate about fulfilling our mission to help Australia’s retirees Live Well At Home™. All that we do across our business is focused on this mission; it allows us to change retirement outcomes one life at a time.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide Australia’s retirees with the confidence they need to support their retirement with their own wealth…the wealth they have built up in their home. 

We work with you to improve your retirement lifestyle: to enhance retirement income, provide access to capital and improve retirement housing. Our approach aims to provide you with the best of both worlds – to continue living in the home you love with the confidence to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Our Values

Our values underpin and drive our mission to help you Live Well At Home™. They inspire each member of our team and help us to focus on what’s important – you. 

Our core values are:

Agency: we are a facilitator of possibility and empower you to achieve your goals using your own wealth.

Empathy: we build and foster relationships based on trust, respect and shared values.

Transparency: we are creating a better, fairer and more equitable system for all.

Our Approach

We enable you to unlock the wealth in your home to improve your retirement funding, housing and well-being. 

We provide you with the flexibility, confidence and choice to meet your retirement needs and make lifestyle decisions. We believe your home can be both the best place to live and the right way to fund retirement.

Our Retirement Specialists

  • Kate Crosby

  • Traci Lourey Retirement Specialist

    Traci Loury

  • Mark Munro Retirement Specialist

    Mark Munro

  • Raechal Obrien

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