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  • How Does a Household Loan Work Guide.

    • What is a Household Loan?
    • How retirees use Household Capital™
    • Regular income, refinance, live, top up, give, aged care.
    • FAQs about Household Loans.
  • What is a Reverse Mortgage Guide

    • What is a reverse mortgage?
    • How does it work?
    • Pros & Cons of reverse mortgages
    • How retirees use them?
    • Who qualifies for one?
    • Will it effect pension entitlements?
  • Seniors Downsizing & Contribution

    • What is downsizing in retirement?
    • What’s the downsizer contribution.
    • Pension and ATO downsizing rules
    • Discover the downsizing alternatives to increase retirement funding and stay at home.
  • Strategies to Transform Your Retirement

    • How your retirement stacks up?
    • Options to access home equity.
    • What is a Household Loan?
    • What others do with their Household Capital™.
    • Frequently asked questions.
  • Home Equity in Retirement

    • Accessing home equity options.
    • Downsizing pros and cons.
    • Home reversion pros and cons.
    • Pension loans scheme pros & cons
    • Reverse mortgage pros and cons.
  • Improve Retirement Funding Guide

    • Funds needed for retirement
    • Retirement Funding system overview
    • Details of important consumer protections
    • FAQs about eligibility.
  • Ageing in Place Guide

    • What is ageing in place?
    • Pros & cons of ageing in place.
    • How to make your home retirement-ready.
    • How to improve your mobility.
    • How to use your Household Capital™ to age in place.


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