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On this page you can watch testimonial videos and read reviews from our customers. Each unlocked the wealth in their home to regain control and improve both their retirement funding and their confidence in the future. We can do the same for you.

Barry McCaffery testimonial video


Loan Purpose: Refinance & Income

A former radio announcer, Barry wanted to continue living the life he loves in retirement. First he needed to clear his existing mortgage. His research led him to Household Capital who helped unlock his home wealth to refinance his home loan and increase his retirement income to ensure he can enjoy his retirement in the home he loves.

Michael Sullivan testimonial video


Loan Purpose: Income

After being widowed, Michael was worried about his future. The family home had been in his wife’s name and still carried a mortgage. Fortunately, Household Capital facilitated the transfer the home into his name, enabled Michael to pay out the mortgage and improve his retirement funding.

Richard Doherty testimonial video


Loan Purpose: Income

After Richard retired, he knew he wanted to help pay for his grandkids’ education. He strongly believes giving them a future is the best investment he can make. Richard loves his home, as does his whole family; so, rather than selling, Richard unlocked the wealth in his home to help pay the grandkids’ education.

Sandy and Colin

Loan Purpose: Regular Income

Meet our customers Sandy and Colin who, like many retired Australians, found themselves ‘asset rich but cash poor’. Thanks to Household Capital, they were able to unlock their home wealth to secure a fortnightly income stream that allows them to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

 dennis darcy


Loan Purpose: Refinance Home Loan

An owner of a beautiful home in Sydney’s inner west, Dennis and his wife wanted to be able to remain in their home for as long as possible. Household Capital helped them to unlock their home wealth to refinance a small mortgage and establish a contingency fund for general living expenses.

Lynne Watkins


Loan Purpose: Major expenses

As a retired widow, Lynne discovered banks were reluctant to extend credit. She unlocked her home wealth to buy a new car, establish a contingency fund for future expenses and landscape her garden. She even recommended Household Capital to her friends.

Lynne Watkins, Raelene O’Mullane & Suzanne Masling

Lynne, Raelene & Suzanne

Loan Purpose: Confidence in Retirement

After learning about Household Capital through their friend Lynne, Raelene and Suzanne decided they’d also unlock their home wealth. They now have more money in retirement and can cover any unexpected expenses without having to worry.


Loan Purpose: Contingency

John lives in a traditional ‘Queenslander’ home which, over the years, he has worked on to keep in great shape. He’s been retired for a number of years and still has many retirement goals. With Household Capital by his side, he’s been able to unlock his home wealth to achieve his goals.

Chris Jacovides


Loan Purpose: Refinance & Income

With the help of Household Capital, Chris unlocked his home wealth to improve his long term retirement funding and continuously improve his quality of life.

shirley jaeger

Jim and Shirley

Loan Purpose: Income

Jim and Shirley enjoy a good life, something they didn’t want to compromise on just because they decided to retire. They purchased a new home to be closer to their family and were able to unlock some of that home’s wealth to make the purchase. They also established a regular income stream and can look forward to their next chapter in life without having to make sacrifices.

Nan and John

Loan Purpose: Retirement & Income

Nan and John love their waterside home on Queensland’s Gold Coast, where they have lived for 22 years. With their super tied up in their home, they didn’t think retirement was a possibility. With Household Capital, not only were Nan and John able to retire, they can look forward to a comfortable and secure future.


Loan Purpose: Income & Contingency

Mette loves her home and community, and knows that’s where she wants to spend her retirement years. By unlocking her home wealth, Mette was able to renovate her home and continue to live independently as she ages.


Loan Purpose: Income

Retirement doesn’t always go to plan. Bill had almost paid off his home when his wife became unwell and needed special care. Facing a challenging financial situation, Bill contacted Household Capital. The couple unlocked their home wealth to fund Robin’s care requirements and improve their retirement lifestyle.

Vicky and John

Vicky & John

Loan Purpose: Care

After an accident, Vicki’s mum Silkie needed around the clock care. Silkie wanted to remain in the home she loves, so Vicki sought in-home care to look after her mum. Silkie was able to unlock the wealth in her home to cover the cost of care and remain at home.

Marilyn and Paul

Paul & Marilyn

Loan Purpose: Income

I’d spoken to my daughter who has a Financial Adviser, and he was the one that recommended Household Capital. Then once we got the ball rolling, we had an interview and as we went through everything, Marilyn and I both thought, ‘Yeah, okay, this can work’


Craig Bennie testimonial video


Loan Purpose: Contingency

Craig loves his home, which he’s worked on and worked within, serving his community as a ‘maker’ in his shed for years. He didn’t want to lose the memories he’d built over that time, so unlocked his home wealth through Household Capital to improve his retirement funding and continue pursuing his passion for making things.