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Gain Control of Your Retirement

Gain Control of Your Retirement is the first of Household Capital’s 5-part webinar series aimed to help you gain control of your retirement. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can go a long way towards making you happy with freedom, security, and the power to pursue your dreams.

In this webinar recording, Kaye and Noel discuss how much Australians really need in retirement. They help you determine your retirement goals and detail the five funding levers available for you to help make your retirement years, happy times.

Noel Whittaker is one of Australia’s foremost authorities on personal finance, and he joined retirement expert Kaye Fallick for this informative interactive webinar to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

Webinar Recording

Gain Control of Your Retirement. Household Capital Webinar featuring Noel Whittaker and Kaye Fallick

About the Speakers

Noel Whittaker is a writer, newspaper columnist, finance and investment expert and radio broadcaster. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on personal finance.
Noel reaches over three million readers each week through his columns in major Australian newspapers, including The Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne’s The Age, Perth’s The Sunday Times, and Brisbane’s The Sunday Mail.

As an author, Noel has written 20 bestselling books achieving total worldwide sales of more than two million copies. His first book, Making Money Made Simple, set sales records across the country. His new book, Wills, death & taxes made simple provides some clarity in the chaos of estate planning.

He is currently an Adjunct Professor and Executive-in-Residence with the Queensland University of Technology, as well as a committee member advising the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Kaye Fallick explains retirement income in plain English, to help retirees and those planning retirement to better understand the rules and to take control of their future income.

With 20+ years’ experience publishing for baby boomers, Kaye is the founder of STAYINGconnected website and publisher, SuperConnected ageing demographics newsletter.
She is also a freelance writer seen in The Age, The Australian Financial Review and The New Daily on topics relevant to life stage changes including planning retirement, downsizing/rightsizing, aged care, government policy, superannuation and Age Pension entitlement.

Owner and content director for digital retirement income tools, PensionChecker and RetirePlanner.

Founder & Publisher of YourLifeChoices website, Australia’s largest and longest established destination for Baby Boomers interested in finance, health, travel and retirement income. Author of two best-selling books, Get a New Life and What Next, both non-fiction guides to negotiating life stage change, published by Allen & Unwin.